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Pillowy Soft Sourdough Sandwich Loaf

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Sourdough sandwich bread

 This recipe is really straightforward for a sourdough bread and produces an extremely soft sandwich loaf.

This is great for sandwiches and lasts really well too. While its nice and soft it doesn’t disintegrate like so many sliced loaves sold in the shops.

No need for anymore store bought sandwich bread!

I have chosen to use almond milk in this recipe so it’s completely plant based and perfect for vegans. 

I extend the proof in the fridge overnight but you can complete the bake in one day if you’d like to.  The times in the recipe vary depending on kitchen temperatures. 

I make my own almond milk but feel free to use store bought. 

I am using a 900g (2lb) loaf tin to bake this loaf. This quantity of dough works perfectly for this sized tin.

The tins I use to bake with are non stick and clean easily. They work extremely well for baking bread loaves and desserts like my chocolate babka.

These are the baking tins I like to use. 


Starter Levain

100g Sourdough starter

100g Almond Milk (homemade or store bought)

100g Strong white flour. Mine has a protein content of 13.2%

Main dough

250g of almond milk starter from above 

240g Almond milk (homemade or store bought)

25g Barley malt syrup 

14g salt

400g Strong bread flour (mine has a protein content of 13%)

Times & temperatures

My kitchen temperature: 32c / 90f

Oven temperature: 220c / 430f

Oven setting: Bake mode (top & bottom heat) with the fan switched off

Bake time: 40 minutes + 5-10 minutes

Watch the tutorial on YouTube


Feeding the starter

1. Mix the ingredients together and leave the starter to ferment until bubbly and active. The time will vary depending on your kitchen temperature.

Note: The almond milk starter produces 300g, just over the amount you will need for the recipe. This is to account for starter left in the jar or any little accidents! You can of course make the exact 250g if you prefer.

Main dough

2. Add the water to large mixing bowl, follow up with the barley malt syrup. Give it a good mix and then add in the 250 grams of almond milk starter, followed by another mix. Add the flour and then the salt. Bring everything together into a rough dough and leave covered for 20 minutes. 

3. Now you can work the dough for a couple of minutes to create a smooth dough. This is going to be baked in a loaf tin so you don’t need to go crazy working in lots strength. The fermentation period and strong flour will create the strength we need for this loaf. Once the dough is smooth work it into a ball and leave it in a bowl covered at room temp to start the fermentation process. 

4. Once the dough has begun the fermentation period and you can see the bread is rising you can cover the bowl well and pop it in the fridge overnight to extend the proof. 

5. The next day remove the dough from the fridge, allow to come up to room temperature and finish proofing. 

6. Turn the dough out on to the work surface, use a little flour to stop it sticking. Gently push the dough out into a large square. Fold the right third of the dough over the centre third. Repeat with the left side. You should now have three layers. Starting at the edge furthest away roll the dough up and seal the final seam together with your thumb and finger. Place into a loaf tin that has been rubbed with a touch of vegetable oil. Allow to rise at room temperature until the dough is just under the lip of the tin. I like to sprinkle with flour but its personal preference. (You can check the video below to see that exact shaping process).

7. Bake for the first 40 minutes in a preheated oven (bake mode NO fan) at 220c / 430f. Remove from the tin, place back in the oven and continue to bake for another 5-10 minutes at 200c / 390f to colour the outside of the loaf. 

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