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Sourdough Unchained Coaching Community Vision

Get access to live group coaching calls with me, monthly masterclasses and a private online community - all designed to demystify sourdough baking and help you bake amazing bread.

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Around ten years ago I was trying to learn how to bake sourdough using complicated multi-stage processes.

Because the process was so complicated fault finding when things inevitably went wrong was nearly impossible.

The success of my job relied on fitting sourdough baking into an extremely busy work routine. So something needed to change.

So, I simplified and streamlined the process, and you know what?

Not only was I able to schedule the sourdough process easily, but my loaves improved dramatically.

If you are looking to learn or master an efficient sourdough process that can be easily scheduled into a busy day then my Sourdough Unchained Coaching Community will fit you perfectly.

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My vision is to create an online coaching membership that will take a home baker from creating a sourdough starter to mastering the process.

The coaching program will be organic and provide training through masterclasses, live Q&As and how-to demonstrations.

The coaching would be available 24/7 in your own private member's area on the Culinary Exploration website.

Here’s the success path for the coaching:

1. Creating & maintaining a vibrant sourdough culture
2. Sourdough fermentation & baking
3. Scheduling sourdough to fit into your daily life easily
4. Recipe creation, testing & development
5. Learning how to mill and use freshly milled grains at home

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But coaching alone doesn't solve all of the problems home bakers may encounter either.

Have you ever wanted to share a picture of that amazing loaf you've just pulled out of the oven?

What about getting help on that pressing problem? How about helping someone experiencing a problem you're familiar with?

Imagine doing all of that within a group you know and trust without the intrusions of social media trolls and targeted advertising.

My vision is to integrate a community area alongside the coaching that will enable us to stay in touch with each other, share our pictures, ask for help and grow together.

All of this can be integrated into the Culinary Exploration website and could be accessible on a mobile app.

If there is enough interest, I could be ready to take this from concept to launching in February, and I’m hoping that you would help me shape the platform to ensure I provide the best experience for members.

If we get enough support and we move forward I'll offer a super-discounted lifetime founder member price of €14 per month or €140 per year to say thanks for being a part of this from the creation.

When we launch to the founders, the doors will only be open for a few days and I may need to limit entry to a first-come first served basis.

After the founder member launch and the membership is offered to the general public the discounted price won’t be available again.

If you are excited about being part of the Sourdough Unchained Coaching Community I’d like you to do one thing for me right now.

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There is zero obligation. Clicking the link purely reserves a founding member spot, and lets me share progress and the discounted offer when we are ready for the founder member launch!

See you on the other side :)

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