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Recipes and Q&As all bundled up in a monthly video for the email community


Every month I’m producing one extra video. It’s not available on the YouTube channel, it’s only available to my email community.

Each month I’ll focus on a new recipe or dive deeper into an area that needs a little more exploration. There will also be a Q&A segment where I expand on questions that will help out the community. You’ll also be the first to hear about any website or channel news.

Click subscribe and join the community, and let me know of there is anything else you think I should include in the video that will help you out. I’m always open to suggestions.

See you in the next video. Don’t forget to keep me up to date with your cooking, any questions you have, and of course, stay tuned!

  • A subscriber only video recipe
  • Q&A session for deeper dives
  • Channel & website updates
  • Feedback on any kitchen gear